Travel Books

My second full length travel book Voodoo, Slaves and White Man's Graves has recently been published worldwide as both a trade paperback and an eBook. Click here for the book blurb, contents and other details.

My first book Tearing up the Silk Road was published in August 2012. According to Garnet Publishing, the book is selling well, but I have no idea what that means. I am hoping that it will sell enough to merit a second edition, with a longer print run and a more competitive cover price.

As an experiment, I have also made some of my longer travel articles available for free as short eBooks. Click here for more details.

Wicked World Magazine

I have recently become involved with Wicked World, a new alternative travel digital magazine. Our intention is to provide a showcase for honest, alternative and irreverent writing, with a particular emphasis on internationally oriented underground culture. Click here for more details.

Selected Publications

As well as writing books, and helping to set up Wicked World, I have also contributed to a number of other publications. Links to some of them are listed below:


Full Length Books

Tearing up the Silk Road

Two Globes A 100,000 word travelogue detailing a journey from China to Istanbul, through Central Asia, Iran and the Caucasus.

Click here to view more details and the original book blurb for the back cover. You could also check out some of my initial ideas for book cover designs, view the final printed cover and check out the slide show. |

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Voodoo, Slaves and White Man's Graves

My second full-length travel book revolves around an overland journey through Benin, Togo, Ghana, Burkina Faso and Mali.

The book is now available in both print and eBook editions. Check out the West Africa Photo Gallery to view some pictures from this journey or view the full print version of the book cover. |

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Free eBooks

Turkmenbashi's Land of Fairy Tales

A Short Break in Libya

To Camels from Cows: Algeria Overland

All of these short eBooks are available for free in a variety of formats for use on such eReaders as Kindle, Nook and Sony Touch. After downloading the books in Kindle, Epub, RTF, PDB or PDF format, they can then be copied over to the eReader of your choice.

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