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I have recently become involved in setting up Wicked World, a new alternative travel digital magazine. Our intention is to provide a showcase for honest, alternative and irreverent writing, with a particular emphasis on internationally oriented underground culture. We are also planning to provide a syndication service for travel related articles, and to experiment with publishing the kind of eBooks that wouldn't normally find an outlet through more mainstream publishers.

Issue Three of Wicked World Magazine is our most diverse yet. As well as a range of alternative travel articles and photo features, for the first time we have also included some travel related fiction. At one end of the story telling scale, is a traditional Moroccan folk tale, The Red Lantern, selected by Richard Hamilton. In a more contemporary vein, where the lines between fact and fiction blur, we are also showcasing The Death Kiss of a King Cobra Show by Jim Algie.

At the reportage end of the travel writing spectrum, in Barbed Wire Scars, Marcello Di Cintio encounters desperate African migrants determined to make their way across the razor wired walls at Ceuta, in the hope of making it to the promised land of Europe. Equally contemporary, E T Laing investigates recent political upheavals in Bangladesh in A Savage Fundamentalism.

Two articles that deal with some of the less comfortable aspects of the modern travel experience are Mursi Dreams - in which James Michael Dorsey, recalls a visit to the inaccessible and yet increasingly touristed South Omo region of Ethiopia - and Gili Air is a Feeding Frenzy by Taiwan based musician and writer, Joe Henley. Andrew Thompson's The Old Man and the Sea takes on the travel writing form of a literary pilgrimage, as he retraces Ernest Hemingway's footsteps in northern Peru, meeting up with some of the characters who spent time with the legendary writer in the 1950s.

Further exploring the full range of travel writing styles, in The World through Graphic Novels: Persepolis, Pyongyang and Palestine, Tom Coote looks into some of the best travel related writing to have taken the form of the graphic novel.

As Kurdistan in northern Iraq is becoming increasingly accessible to independent travellers, we have also included a more photography based travel feature in Kurdistan: A Nation Emerges.

In Issue Two you will find articles on: the walled Muslim city of Harar in Eastern Ethiopia; the Sultan of Sulu and the disastrous recent invasion of Sabah in Borneo; frenzied voodoo ceremonies in Benin; the sculpture of Iran's Ahad Hosseini; the strange religious cult of Caodai in Vietnam; Thailand's spirit tattoos; the sacred city of Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka; rapidly changing Cuba; and the punk rock scene in Penang, Malaysia.

In the very first issue of Wicked World, you will find articles on: the burgeoning black metal scene in Bangladesh; the rarely visited Meroe Pyramids in Sudan; mine clearance in Cambodia; a haunting return to Vicksburg, Mississippi; the resurrection of a mummified monk in Thailand; a bizarre encounter with the police in Kyrgyzstan; System of a Down's self-financed film about the Armenian Genocide; and a festival for hungry ghosts in Malaysia and Singapore.

We're not looking for the kind of articles that you would normally find in mainstream travel mags or generic travel blogs. We're particularly interested in underground internationally inspired culture - whether its the Black Metal Scene in Bangladesh, or oppositional art in Iran - and would also be interested in first person accounts of travel to unusual destinations.

If you would like to get involved in Wicked World, or would simply like to know more, send me an email at tom@tomcoote.net.


Full Length Books

Tearing up the Silk Road

Two Globes A 100,000 word travelogue detailing a journey from China to Istanbul, through Central Asia, Iran and the Caucasus.

Click here to view more details and the original book blurb for the back cover. You could also check out some of my initial ideas for book cover designs, view the final printed cover and check out the slide show.

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Voodoo, Slaves and White Man's Graves

My second full-length travel book revolves around an overland journey through Benin, Togo, Ghana, Burkina Faso and Mali.

The book is now available in both print and eBook editions. Check out the West Africa Photo Gallery to view some pictures from this journey or view the full print version of the book cover.

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Free eBooks

Turkmenbashi's Land of Fairy Tales

A Short Break in Libya

To Camels from Cows: Algeria Overland

All of these short eBooks are available for free in a variety of formats for use on such eReaders as Kindle, Nook and Sony Touch. After downloading the books in Kindle, Epub, RTF, PDB or PDF format, they can then be copied over to the eReader of your choice.

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