Dealing in Dreams

Dealing in Dreams Dealing in Dreams was a heavy rock / metal recording project that was put together by Tom Coote (guitar, bass, vocals) and Martin Hardy (drums). They had previously played together in Aragon (1984-88) and Syra Katul (1988-92).

Dealing in Dreams released the Failing Again album in September 1998. The material for a second album was written but not recorded.

Syra Katul

The first Syra Katul line-up featured ex-Tredegar vocalist Paul Parry, Tom Coote (Guitar), Stuart Ranger (Bass) and Martin Hardy (Drums). They recorded Left to Crawl the Earth in 1989.

When Paul disappeared, the band recruited Paul Taylor (Elixir) to sing on Age of Reason (1990). This line-up never played live together.

The following year Elaine Young joined Syra Katul as the full-time vocalist and they recorded Trial and Terror (1991).


Aragon Aragon was a South Coast based heavy rock / metal group that featured Camilla (Vocals), Tom Coote (Guitar), Tim Heddington (Guitar), Rob Tapp (Bass) and Martin Hardy (Drums).

The band was originally formed in 1984 and recorded Tomorrow Never Comes with vocalist Sue Tyler (Ram) before recruiting Camilla in 1986 and Tim in 1987. Rob went on to join Pegasus and released albums with both Satyre and Hateball.


Taor Taor was an Eastbourne based Thrash Metal group featuring Kev Rowlands (Vocals), Danny Ranger (Guitar), Tom Coote (Guitar), Stuart Ranger (Bass) and Gary Sykes (Drums).

Danny later went on the play on the Rather Death than False of Faith (1988) album by Hydra Vein and Stuart recorded the At the Edge of Damnation (1987) and Demon Preacher (1989) albums with Death Wish before joining up with Tom again in Syra Katul.

Recording History

For many years I played guitar in heavy rock and metal groups. We released our own recordings, designed our own artwork and promoted our own concerts. Our appeal was extremely selective.


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Tearing up the Silk Road

Two Globes A 100,000 word travelogue detailing a journey from China to Istanbul, through Central Asia, Iran and the Caucasus.

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Voodoo, Slaves and White Man's Graves

My second full-length travel book revolves around an overland journey through Benin, Togo, Ghana, Burkina Faso and Mali.

The book is now available in both print and eBook editions. Check out the West Africa Photo Gallery to view some pictures from this journey or view the full print version of the book cover. |

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Turkmenbashi's Land of Fairy Tales

A Short Break in Libya

To Camels from Cows: Algeria Overland

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